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  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 33

    Have you ever wondered how a certain video game character might respond to an uncomfortable or morally ambiguous situation? Us too. So it is with great pleasure I introduce What […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 32

    Apologies for the lateness of this episode posting. I hope you were able to run without us. Hopefully you can all run and listen on Thursday this week. Or better […]

  • Pretty Cool haircut Episode 31

    Please enjoy our most copyright infringing episode yet. On this episode we complete the Best Video game Man 2020 Tournament and crown our winner. Who will it be? Also discussed: […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 30

    The Pretty Cool Haircut Best Video Game Man 2020 Tournament continues (but does not conclude, sorry). Tune in to see who makes it out of the second round. Also discussed: […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 29

    College sports: on one hand they’re bad. On the other hand they fucking love tournaments and so do I. With that said I am pleased to present to you round […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 28

    After missing a week we’re back on an off week for our makeup ep. In this episode we put on our game dev helmets and really just lay out what […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut: Just a Trim 2

    JJ had a second baby, it’s name is the Shure SM7B. To commemorate this joyous occasion he made a new Just a Trim for your listening pleasure. In this mini […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 27

    RIP E3, we are talking nothing but news, and by now you should realize that news to us just means lets fuck around for an hour and twenty minutes. Featured […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 26

    Please note that at the beginning of this episode for the first 10 minutes we have a very frank and serious discussion about police abolition. It was something that has […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 25

    Yo, what’s up? We made a new episode. It’s pretty chill, extremely low effort. I dig through a box, JJ digs through his mind’s box. We offer video games for […]