• Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 42

    It’s that special time of year that you think you look forward to, E3. JJ and Justin go hard on all the hot hot new video game titles like the […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 41

    On this late edition of Pretty Cool Haircut the boyz talk hentai shovelware, Hades, The Binding of Isaac, some trash ass NES rom looking game and its occult imagery, a […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut: Just a Trim 3

    Last week when we recorded the all no video game talk episode of the show, we couldn’t help ourselves and had a quick conversation about the internet’s current obsession… that […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 40

    As promised on episode 39 we spend this entire episode talking about all things except for video games. We try to bail on this concept a couple times but mostly […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 39

    Oh hey, what’s up. We’re back. Justin has returned from his stint in the education mines. And we’re back on our every other week talking shit about every video game […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 38

    This week we talk hot news now that PS5 is in hand and we also dive deep with one of the finest YouTube weirdos we have ever seen as he […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 37

    He’s gone! We can do whatever we want! Change the music! Turn on that KoRn and let it out. This is the first ep with JJ as a solo man. […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 36

    Just in time for your Halloween company Zoom call, its the 2020 Pretty Cool Haircut… is it played out to call something a spooktacular. I feel like this is a […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 35

    We ran out of ideas, and we just did all of our old stand by segments so please enjoy this strictly, nothing but video game talk episode of the the […]

  • Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 34

    It seems like just last week we were asking what certain video game men would do and now were back to ask each other to tell us about that video […]