Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 39

Oh hey, what’s up. We’re back. Justin has returned from his stint in the education mines. And we’re back on our every other week talking shit about every video game that has ever been released. This episode is very loose, similar in style to the first ep but about 1000x times better (don’t ever actually listen to that first ep, its real bad). Topics of discussion this go around include, JJ’s favorite brand of soda and 12 of their top flavors, where Justin went for 6 months, Final Fantasy XIV, Disco Elysium, Subnautica, MyTalk 107.1, Escape From Tarkov, Returnal, Nier Replicant, I play a song I like that makes a brief reference to two fairly obscure Street Fighter characters, and like a bunch of other shit. Give it a listen.

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