Pretty Cool Haircut Episode 26

Please note that at the beginning of this episode for the first 10 minutes we have a very frank and serious discussion about police abolition. It was something that has been on our minds as it has I’m sure for most Americans and we wouldn’t have felt right if we didn’t make clear how we are feeling. After the first ten minutes we go into a regular show, it’s also our 1 year anniversary. We reminisce, we remember, we talk about the future of the show and we listen to a few choice clips from previous episodes. Also discussed on this episode: Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk merchandise, Maneater, Potata, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Animal Crossing, Dan Akryod’s Crystal Skull Vodka, Destiny 2, Phil Collins songs, also other things. Give it a listen, I really edited the shit out of this one.

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